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There's a new and different way to stop struggling with debilitating and stressful IBD symptoms.

It's called "Ultimate Freedom From Crohn's and Colitis".

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Best part of all, it doesn't require you to go on strict elimination diets or take drugs with obvious long-term side effects!

And you can reliably learn and utilize what's been shown to give freedom to those suffering with Crohn's and U.C. regardless of how many food sensitivities you have or how long you've had the condition for.

So if you want to learn exactly what's been shown in the research to drastically improve the quality of life of those with Crohn's and U.C., you want to pay close attention to what I'm about to share with you.

Hi! I'm Dr. Sean Golden DC, and I specialize in helping people gain freedom from their chronic health conditions by teaching evidence-based, natural health strategies that have been proven to work based on research!

With degrees in math and physics and a passion for research, I continuously search out and test natural health solutions that help others increase their health and overcome chronic health challenges!

It's my overall passion to help others learn that health doesn't typically come from a drug. Unfortunately, most of the natural health research ends up buried and lost, unless people start digging them up and putting the pieces together. "Putting these pieces together" is my life's work.

Your Ultimate Crohn's / U.C. Resource!

This online course gives you 100% research-backed information you can rely on that will teach you what truly has been shown to be effective for Crohn's and U.C.!

  • Dozens upon dozens of clinical trials have shown natural strategies to be effective at reducing symptoms and promoting intestinal healing for Crohn's and U.C.

  • Provides clarity so that you know exactly what has been shown to work and NOT work

  • Designed to promote as much freedom as possible - does NOT start off with difficult food restrictions!

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    You will NOT be able to find this information anywhere else on the web. This compilation of research and clinical trials has NEVER been done before!

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    With so much contradictory information on the web, it's hard to know who to turn to or what to do for Crohn's and U.C. This course cuts through the junk and shows exactly what works.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    You get a full 60-day, no-questions-asked, satisfaction guarantee if the course isn't the most valuable resource for Crohn's / U.C. that you've ever seen!

What You Get

($4,657 value!)

"Crohn's and Colitis Supplement Mastery"

Learn precisely which supplements and nutraceuticals have been shown to have the largest effect on Crohn's and U.C.! (Based on many clinical trials combined. PDF documents will all research included.)

This removes all the guesswork and allows you to know exactly what works.

The clinical trials have shown that these supplements don't just reduce symptoms - they actually got at the heart of the issue (the imbalanced immune system, chronic inflammation, and autoimmunity) and greatly increased the quality of life in those with Crohn's and U.C.!

"The Simple IBS Diet"

This cuts through all the confusion surrounding IBS "diets" and details what is truly effective.

While there are many decent types of "IBS diets" out there, they all suffer from either:
  • Very limited food options
  • Hard to sustain long term, or
  • Unhealthy to sustain or worsens the gut microbiome long term (ex. Low FODMAP)

The "Simple IBS Diet" is not only simple, effective, and sustainable, but also healthy for the microbiome! It truly should be the first "diet option" IBS sufferers should try, based entirely on what the research shows. (PDF documents with all the research included.)

($2,340 value!)

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Plus Three Amazing Bonuses!

  • "Probiotics Simplified" ($179 Value!)

    Did you know that most probiotics show minimal to no effectiveness in Crohn's or U.C., even though they are still touted as a "first line" treatment by many alternative health practitioners? In "Probiotics Simplified", I break down exactly which probiotics have been shown to be effective and what to avoid. This ensures that you are not wasting money taking ineffective pills month after month.

  • "IBD Diet's Simplified" ($479 Value!)

    Many people are confused on how effective certain diet strategies truly are over the long term for Crohn's and U.C. In "IBD Diet's Simplified", I go over all of the most popular diet strategies (Low FODMAP, carnivore, vegan, gluten-free, etc.), show what their strengths and weakness are, and how and why someone might want to implement one of these strategies. This bonus is, again, designed to take away confusion.

  • "2 Underground Compounds" ($179 Value!)

    In this bonus, I detail 2 compounds that have not really "hit mainstream" yet, but are continuing to achieve great results according to those who actually have Crohn's and U.C. While the research for these is still new and developing, the safety of both compounds have been confirmed.

You get a combined $7,834 value of the highest quality material on natural options for Crohn's and U.C. available right now. Think about how much money you spend just for maintaining this condition (doctor visits, co-pays, drugs, special foods, etc.).

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